About MVVA

The Miami Valley Venture Association is a local organization dating back to the early 1970s and serving entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors by educating and improving the awareness of new ventures in the Miami Valley region.

We showcase local entrepreneurs in the “Feedback Forum,” which is the only community-wide platform from which entrepreneurs are able vett business ideas, elevator pitches, and capital raising plans. Entrepreneurs receive automated and instantaneous “raw, honest” feedback from the audience to their presentations.


Our Goal

Is to serve entrepreneurs and investors by increasing the number of successfully funded transactions and to educate and improve the awareness of the variety of service providers regarding new ventures in the Miami Valley.


Our Purpose

Is to MVVA provides enhanced networking, education and professional development for its members and event attendees.

  • Information sharing among capital funding sources and organizations with new ventures
  • Showcasing locally funded deals
  • Learning about local incipient and funded deals and general deal flow
  • Hosting informative speakers
  • Evaluating and improving the local venture community/environment
  • Training and professional development activities
  • Presenting deals in process and co-investment opportunities


Everyone is welcome! So come and see why you should become a member of the Miami Valley Venture Association!